April 28, 2012, 9:56 pm
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Almada Cine Space Incredible, project presentation tart take away on tour in 2012 and Punkart days 3,4,5 + 10 and 11 May.

Take away the tart is a collective project that is presented in the form of a box or envelope, and contains serigraphs the author develops in three formats, Take away Punkarte, type fanzine + serigraphs author, from 8 to 10 participants, A3 up to 3 colors, 40 copies, poster paper 120g, sale price € 25.00;
Take Away Deluxe edition, A3 in a cardboard box, an author, between 5-8 serigraphs, paper-220g, up to 5 colors, 30 copies, selling price, € 65.00;
Take away Punkarte deluxe 8 to 10 participants, 40 copies, paper 220g, carton, up to 4 colors, priced at € 85.00.
Tart Box Takeaway number III, edited by the author, 40 to 50 participants, up to 4 color paper format 31x31cm 220g, pizza box, (in preparation).

The 2012 tour is the tart side and Dj7 Vj7 with guest artists, and are part of the collective, Barbara Anne, Agnes Cecilia, Marco Martins, Nuno Bettencourt, Tomaz Emidio.

The tart is a mobile project that is 10 years of existence, with ups and downs, but with a precursor developed in the area of printing and Dj7 and Vj7, everywhere and beyond ….

galdeirar always everywhere.

Base: Caldas da Rainha

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